About Us

Two years ago, Andrew was in the process of setting up a small home gym and quickly became frustrated because there was no products on the market that allowed him to perform a full body workout without having to order many different products and spend hundreds of dollars. He thought, “Why isn’t there something better?”The idea for the ExBar was born that week. After a quick prototype was assembled, Andrew quickly told JR, his brother-in-law, about his new idea. JR was the perfect partner for ExBar as a Certified Fitness Trainer, gym owner and US Military Veteran.Since we have, perfected the product, launched 2 successful crowdfunding campaigns, were featured at one of Canada's largest trade shows and even pitched to the Dragon's on CBC's Dragon's Den.We know you will love the ExBar!




Growing up in a sportsfocused household, fitness was always a priority. Over the last few years it has

become more and more difficult to fit in a challenging workout. Between global lockdowns, a young family

and running a business, time was of the essence. I needed a fitness product that required no setup, 

was compact and allowed me to perform many different exercises. ExBar is the solution. it’s changed my life

and I know it will change yours too.




As a Certified Personal Trainer and US Military Veteran, I know what it takes to achieve elite level results.

I accept nothing but the very best for myself and my clients, which is why I am so proud of the ExBar.

Never before have so many great functions been incorporated into one compact fitness product. Whether on a military base on  the other side of the world or exercising in my own backyard, the ExBar is my 01 choice of workout equipment.